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why are we amazing

Every product we make has a part of our sole, a part of our heart and vision.


All of our products are handmade in Berlin, Germany


We send our products insured worldwide via normal or express shipment


Every product is unique and only you have it

Beautiful just beautiful work Thank you

Heather Williams

Etsy Customer

My wife loves this pompon! It is even greater as on the photos! Thank you, VeraMarie Berlin!

Ivan Koval

Etsy Customer

I really loved the way you can communicate with VeraMarie Berlin. The quality is awesome! The next time I will need something like this, I will be back here.
Thank you!

Ilya Saburin

Etsy Customer

Process of production

hand-knitted fur products

Hand-knitted grid, made of 70% woolen thread and 30% acrylic, is braided with hand-cut strips of natural fur. The canvas is covered with fur on both sides. That makes it elastic, soft, warm and light. Our fur products, made by this technique, provide a perfect air circulation. Manufacture of natural fur and woolen thread is a philosophy of ECO-Design of VeraMarie Berlin.

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